The key principle of the IAS ICBS formation:
Rules are like a knife: if you put up with them, you get cut, if you learn to use them, they result in a key factor of success.

IAS has built a catalogue of training courses to spread the culture of rules which originate from two types of requirements:

  • the knowledge of rules in general or in particular for specific sectors
  • the use of rules to improve leadership and organizational efficiency

In each course one enters into the world of organizations acquiring practical tools to select, apply and to put the best possible compliance system to use, also through the study of original conceptual models built to transform the management of compliance in a significant way for organizational efficiency
The catalogue is designed for

  • specific topics, the compliance management, sectorial standards etc.
  • professionals, self-employed business owners,  CDA consultant members, new professions (a path beneficial to those who want to reposition themselves professionally) etc.
  • ruoli e settori organizzativi, CEO, Quality, CSR HR Amministrazione e Finanza, Comunicazione