“Customized” Special projects are the initiatives that the IAS – International Compliance Business School structure and provides, according to the needs of the organization and its clients.
Building on the key issues of its offer and based on the analysis of the specific context of the organization, the IAS – International Compliance Business School is able to articulate its training proposal constructing a specific program aimed at achieving the objectives set by the customer.

Compliance for the Brand Place Management


Client: no-profit cultural movement of Olbia, Altra Olbia

Initial request of the client: conference focus on Compliance
and Brand Place Management themes

Course program: 3 hour conference duration


Compliance as a language for efficiency


Client: multinational group, financial services industry
with approximately 2,000 employees in Italy

Initial request of the client: to build a training-information-
confrontation focused on some key values for the
development of the company itself:

  • the Compliance System is an organic and functional system of the objectives and company’s value, it is incorporated virtuously into  the processes of the entire organization not only into those specific and coded;
  • the rules are necessary if one wants to stay in certain markets (both from the product and geographical point of view) and must be accepted as part of the corporate mission;
  • the system of rules is in fact the language to communicate to the outside, institutions, communities and to market its own ethical integrity and its distinctive character. They are the tool with which to build the “social reputation”;
  • Compliance is a way to work smarter and better.

Course program: two series of 3 workshops with the involvement of about 40 people

Result: creation of a widespread spirit of respect for the rules and use of the same for the construction of a common language


Risk Management for the Policlinico Sassarese

  • Main hospital in a Italian provincial capital, accredited private nursing home, The Sassarese Polyclinic
  • Diagnostic and laboratory activities, surgery, emergency room,
    intensive care and rehabilitation
  • About 200 people are employed here
  • About 5,000 Inpatients per year
  • About 3,000 operations per year


  • To create a coherent knowledge and suitable  behaviour with regards to risk management for the patient throughout the organization of the polyclinic;
  • To build and spread a common language between all the hospital staff, through  function processes and roles, necessary  to improve processes in general and in particular those relating to risk management;
  • To improve the atmosphere and start a virtuous cycle of continual improvement;
  • Define and build security protocols using the work to engage people and improve communication and knowledge management.

Risk Compliance Manager for professionals and managers of the Russian Federation


Client: post-graduate education for  Russian companies, BY3

Initial request of the client: to design and provide a training course for 30 individuals from public and private organizations and the academic world with the aim of obtaining a Compliance Manager qualification


Key skills: Leadership, Organizational Design, Communication, Knowledge of  World Compliance, Organization Compliance Management System.

Course program: 22 classes of 15 people each, 120 hours per class provided in Italy and Russia

Result: exam pass for all participants and subsequent administration of a Train the trainer course for the student.