Rules are like a knife: if you put up with them, you get cut, if you learn to use them, they result in a competitive advantage. Broaden your view on the rules, know them and understand their meaning, will let you use them without cutting.

The IAS Register AG approach – just as certification body – it’s systemic and is achieved by a dedicated division.

The IAS mission – International Compliance Business School is to raise awareness, sensitize, inform and train managers and professionals on the issues of Compliance. Acknowledges and utilizes the intelligent use of the rules as an essential factor for those who want to create value, achieving continuity, efficiency, and economic and social sustainability.

The action of IAS Compliance International Business School is developed along three lines:

The Higher Education, recognizable by the Compliance=Management brand, proposes Master Up, the first Post University course for Compliance Manager, offered in online mode.

Master Up is supplemented by the activities carried out within the Campus (Workshop, winter and summer schools). Synthesis and important opportunity for an international comparison is, finally, the Symposium, an annual conference dedicated to the Compliance with rules.


Logo_IA_ridCatalog Training – characterized by a wide range of courses in classroom or online – meets the need of specialist training. All courses are run by the IAS e-learning platform: I.A. – Interesting Academy.


emptySpecial Projects
, are made ad hoc and are the result of the design of training programs according to customer specifications.


The IAS Register AG training system revolves around compliance with the rules: all this can be summarized in tools and knowledge to face the global market and its complexity. In this context, the Compliance becomes the lever to compete successfully.


The spreading and sharing of knowledge in the field of compliance with the rules: a High Training System made up with a Master, a campus and an annual international symposium. All of Higher Education activities are characterized by the Compliance=Management brand.


Very detailed training offer, characterized by a broad portfolio of advanced courses. There will be courses provided in the traditional ways – classroom – or comfortably available on line, run by the IAS e-learning platform: I.A. – Interesting Academy.


Design and implementation of training programs according to customer specifications. The courses are aimed at achieving shared goals with the client and can be delivered either at its headquarters or at foreign locations.


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