Registered and Head Office

Via San Gottardo, 112
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

Phone: +41.(0)91.682.01.59
Fax: +41.(0)91.682.12.48 sede ias 2


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Claims / Dispute reports

Claims and dispute reports can be submitted by:
E-mail: [Head of Institutional Relations]
Fax: +41.(0)91.682.12.48
Post Office: Via San Gottardo, 112 CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)


All appeals must be directed only to the Head of Institutional Relations by:
Fax: +41.(0)91.682.12.48
Post Office: Via San Gottardo, 112 CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)


Before sending a Claim, a Dispute report or an Appeal, please note that:

1. are never accepted anonymous messages;
2. is guaranteed the protection of personal data sent through this service, managing the treatment anonymously if specified by the applicant;
3. the beginning of treatment is subject to the verification of authenticity of the received data;
4.  in cases provided for by law and Accreditation Services under which IAS Register AG  operates, it may be necessary to disclose the data provided, partial or total, to Third parties (Accreditation Bodies performing his work, Pubblic Authorities or Administrations for legal formalities per adempimenti di legge, the Committee for Safeguarding);
5. further information can be found in the relevant certification regulations.